Passion, knowledge, fun...

 We recognize the significance of having an avenue for your artistic expression, so we offer a diverse range of workshops that cater to your creative needs. Our Raheny-based store in Dublin 5 is the ideal destination for you to relax and unleash your imagination. We have also provided light refreshments, ensuring you can focus on relishing your experience to the fullest. Come, be a part of our community, and have a wonderful and satisfying time!

A Month in Eden

 Join A Month in Eden's month-long course for expert tutorials on modern floristry. Elevate your skills and refine your creative flair with 4 or 5 Thursday evening sessions. Perfect for aspiring florists seeking to develop their craft.



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Creative Nights,

Our Creative Nights are an offshoot of our popular Monthly Creation/A Month of Eden workshops. These two-hour sessions offer the perfect opportunity for friends to reconnect in a fun and creative environment. Join us for a memorable evening of artistic exploration and bonding.

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Walk-in Workshops & Tutorials

Get ready to explore the art of flower arranging at our Walk-in Workshop in Blooming Boutique Raheny. Join our skilled florist for a delightful 60-90 minutes of creativity. Bring your vision to life by selecting from our stunning assortment of flowers and decorations. No matter your skill level, you'll leave with a handmade masterpiece that's sure to impress. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity!

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