Snippers is the best present for every Whisky, Rum and Gin enthusiast.

In the bottle, you’ll find wood chips from used Scottish Whisky barrels. The chips slowly release their flavour when you add jenever or vodka, for instance. It’s just like ageing your liquor in a wooden barrel. Good luck! 

Step 1. Add your spare liquor
Step 2. Store for a couple of months in a cool, dark place
Step 3. Filter the liquor through a (coffee)filter before you drink it
Step 4. Enjoy and keep experimenting!

This Gift Pack includes one regular bottle of Whisky Snippers and two refills of the other flavours. This way, it is possible to buy all three flavours at once!

Content: 1 x 350mL Whisky Snippers + 1 x refill Gin + 1 x refill Rum